Sunday 27 Oct 2013  

626376-800 Forging Iron

Launch Date: The LeBron 11 “Forging Iron” launched 27th October.

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LeBron 11 Forging Iron Trainers

Nike pays tribute to the process that forms iron with the LeBron 11 “Forging Iron” colourway. Its unique blend of colours is taken from the molten metal’s metamorphosis. The fiery shades of orange represent the iron when the metal is at its most malleable – fresh from the furnace. A subtle fade effect represents sparks, while a metallic green hit on the Swoosh represents the transitional, temporary part of the process – cooling to a new shade and finished with an ice outsole.

LeBron 11 Forging Iron Shoes

There are no short cuts to forging iron. It’s a craft, a skilled process that requires a precise application of force and fire to achieve strength. It’s about accuracy under pressure when the temperature is at its peak and is the perfect metaphor for LeBron.

LeBron 11 Forging Iron Basketball Shoes

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